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Smoking Cessation


Chantix -- "Pfizer Drug Tied to Heart Risks" by Thomas M. Burton

Pfizer Inc.'s smoking-cessation drug Chantix was linked to a 72% increase in risk of cardiovascular problems, including stroke and congestive heart failure, according to a new analysis of medical studies.

Researchers looked at 14 clinical trials of the drug, involving 8,216 patients, and concluded that the medicine "was associated with a significantly increased risk of serious adverse cardiovascular events" compared with patients given a placebo. Read more here.


The 2011 Canadian Medical Association Journal paper documenting Chantix (varenicline) dangers

"Chantix Unsuitable for First-Line Smoking Cessation Use, Study Finds" Science Daily Nov. 2, 2011

"Suicidal Behavior and Depression in Smoking Cessation Treatments" Moore T, etal, PLOS One, Nov. 2, 2011 

 "Prescription Drugs Associated with Reports of Violence Towards Others" Moore T. etal PLOS One, Dec 15, 2010




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