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Human Nature


Some essays and other perspectives that we find especially thoughtful or thought provoking about human nature~


"How a Few Bad Apples Ruin Everything"

 by Robert Sutton, Wall Street Journal
What harm can a handful of nasty or incompetent employees [or students] do? A lot more than you may think.  Read Here.


On Being Ginger Breggin

"From our earliest recorded history, human beings have been considering what it is that makes us human. The musings and essays, poetry, literature, philosophy, sacred religious documents, science texts—indeed, much of what has been written throughout the ages—touches, examines, or defines the subject of being human.

So what is it that makes us human?

As my husband, Dr. Peter Breggin, has often emphasized, being human or expressing our humanity depends on our highly developed brain and its frontal lobes. No other species has been endowed with this natural gift, offering us the possibility of our rational intelligence, our spectrum of emotion and feeling that is vital to our integration as members of a society, and our astonishing creativity that has allowed us to develop farming, architecture, engineering, the arts and sciences, space exploration and today’s extraordinary communication tools. The brain is like the infrastructure of our identities or souls; the personal, social and physical intricacies of human life become a matrix that ultimately makes us human, enabling us to develop languages, to create societies and cultures, and ultimately to communicate with and to value each other as inhabitants of our shared world.

To contemplate being human is to get a glimmer of the marvel of being human, to merely begin to glimpse the incredible complexity and individuality that each of us possesses and develops over the course of our individual lives. From the mystery and sublime simplicity of prehistoric drawings and human hand prints in far flung regions of the world, to the marvel and miracle of a newborn human infant, innocent, touchingly sweet and completely helpless—being human is an experience at once complex, unique to each person and yet shared by us all over the course of all time.

Now, consider that in just the past 25 years we have been taught that an increasing range of human emotional response is unwanted, unacceptable and fit to be labeled a disease process. Set aside for a moment the most frightening, out of control emotional states—those of psychosis. Consider the spectrums of depression, anxiety, emotional withdrawal, fear, anger, grief, boredom, and distraction. There is an individual human story unfolding in each of these emotional states. And the gift of our human rationality, our intelligence, and especially our ability to connect with other human beings offers a bridge thatcan enable the affected individual to return to a more stable, creative and satisfying emotional equilibrium. Instead these complex and highly individual responses are stereotyped into a few psychiatric diagnostic categories, vastly oversimplifying and dismissing the individual experience.  Read more here.